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About Mid-Jersey Labrador Retriever Club


Our club generally meets the second Wednesday of each month except for July and December. Throughout the year, meetings may vary from the second Wednesday due to members attending Specialty Shows held by other clubs throughout the country. The meetings are held at the CARE ONE AT SOMERSET VALLEY, at 1621 ROUTE 22 WEST BOUND BROOK, NJ. and start at 7:30 PM.

Throughout the year we usually have several programs at our meetings. In the past we have had programs that included information on;

Rally obedience, Hunt Tests, Disaster Planning for our dogs, a Lawyer speaking on contracts, a Cardiologist speaking on the heart diseases (TVD) in Labs, an AKC Judge speaking on the Structure of the Labrador, a Vet who performs acupuncture, Obedience Training by expert club members, Canine Rehabilitation, etc.

The various events that the clubs holds throughout the year are:

In the past the club has held seminars on such topics as; Reproduction, Handling for Conformation, the Five Retriever Breeds and Hunt Tests. We intend to hold more seminars in the future.

Club membership gives you an opportunity to network with others with similar interests. Some of our clubs members get together on their own time to train their dogs for a variety of events. It's great to be a part of a group with similar interests as your own, where you can learn and become a member of the Labrador community. A lot of our members are very involved in the field work and train often for this in groups. A great deal of our members also belong to other clubs which focus on certain aspects of training for the dogs such as; all breed clubs, obedience clubs, agility clubs, tracking clubs and field clubs.

We have a great group of people who belong to this club from across the State of New Jersey and surrounding areas. They are dedicated to the breed of the Labrador and put just as much back into the club as they get out of it, by chairing events and working at different events and getting to know other breeders and owners from other states and forming friendships along with mentoring new members.

For more information contact Beth Kampmeier via Email

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